Nutrition consultations complete with your personal meal plan ingredients delivered each week.



My consultations are one-on-one sessions where I get to know you and your lifestyle so we can work together to achieve results. We explore from the roots up, taking a holistic approach rather than just looking at your symptoms.


I'll provide you with a pre-consultation questionnaire a few days before we meet, along with a 3 day diet diary to provide me with background info needed to make our time together as productive as possible.


During the session we'll have an in-depth chat which will help me to shape your personal nutrition and lifestyle intentions, including daily meal plans. The ingredients needed for your meal plans will then be delivered each week by Mindful Chef, the UK's favourite health food box company. You can read more about why I chose to partner with Mindful Chef here

First consultation + 1 weeks food box delivery - £120

Ongoing food box deliveries - £25 - £50 each week 


These take place 4-6 weeks after your initial consultation and are designed to optimise your plan as you progress. We'll lead by your experience of the plan so far and adapt it where necessary to keep you on the path to overall health and wellbeing.


Every body is different so the number of follow-up consultations needed is unique to each individual. Get in touch to book your free 15 minute mini-consultation call and we can find what works best for you. 

Email support and guidance in between consultations is provided.

Follow-up consultation - £50


Lottie Mather, Nutritional Therapist (Dip NT, mFHT)


I founded THE RESTORATIVE FEAST with the philosophy of healing through simple diet and lifestyle changes to help you become your healthiest, happiest self.


Nutrition is unique to each individual and I believe in working holistically with my clients to address the root cause of what impacts their health. I then design bespoke meal plans for each client and provide the natural foods needed to put these into practice. Being a busy Londoner myself I understand the difficulties in not only sticking to meal plans but sourcing the right ingredients to be able to. I’m passionate about providing a personalised service to my clients, not only working together to realise their intentions and goals, but ensuring they achieve them by making it as easy as possible to embrace the lifestyle changes.


I work with the UK’s favourite healthy box company Mindful Chef to provide my clients with their bespoke weekly food boxes. They only work with small British farmers who maintain the highest ethical farming standards and offer all gluten and dairy free fresh food. Having used them myself for a while now I’m proud to be partnered with such a mindful company that supplies award-winning produce to my clients doors.

My journey with nutrition began when I was diagnosed Coeliac after struggling with a low immune system, various dietary problems, years of tests and misdiagnoses. This simple diet switch-up was life changing for me - it improved my health and wellbeing hugely and inspired me to help others achieve the same. 


I offer one-on-one consultations in the London and Manchester areas.

Email hello@therestorativefeast.com to book in your free 15 minute mini-consultation call.



Email me at hello@therestorativefeast.com or fill out the form below. 


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